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passionate music
for personal and planetary transformation
Oh What A Wonder!

May 3, 1919 - January 27, 2014

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Performing with Pete Seeger at the Clearwater Sloop Club Pumpkin Festival, Beacon, NY – October 2012

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Songs are seeds . . . spread them widely . . .. you never where they're gonna take root. 
–Pete Seeger
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At the Left Forum with artists from other cultures at John Jay College where progressive people from all over the world gather each Spring to share ideas and strategies. http://www.leftforum.org

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Sharleen, Lydia Adams Davis and Ingrid Heldt at Lydia's Peoples Voice Café Concert on December 12, 2015. Sharleen and Ingrid were Lydia's special guests for the evening. Some artists make a space for other artists. . . Lydia is one of those artists!


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Sharleen Leahey, Diane Doolittle and Linda Phillips performed at the First Presbyterian Church of Rockaway in memory of the those who perished in the 1945 atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In attendance at the event sponsored by NJ Peace Action and other peace groups, were over 70 people including over 20 youths from the Islamic Center of Morris County (ICMC) and the Jam-e-Masjid Islamic Center (JMIC) in Boonton.

Your songs really strike a chord… inspiring ... make me want to keep up the fight!  
– Bea Abrams
Community Organizer
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Eight songs of passion and power
for a new world built on justice
instead of on greed.


"What Would Woody Write?"
a tribute to legendary troubadour Woody Guthrie

"Who Killed Joey?"
just a boy  . . . he was sent to Iraq

(Sharleen's first recorded cover)

written by Steve Earle

"The Way"
a heartbroken mother dedicates her life to stopping the next war

"New World"
 inspired by the Battle of Seattle


please mail check or money order for $14* for each CD  to:

PO Box 606 • Somerville, NJ 08876

*($12 plus $2 shipping) 

your support for independent artists is important
Rumors of Peace
by Jan Barry
journalist, poet, veteran & peace activist

With dobro, fiddle and guitar pickin’,
reelin’ and strummin’ bluegrass,
folk, country and gospel airs,
Leahey offers her take on the times
in a foot-thumping tribute to Guthrie . . .

Sharleen was a special guest of singer-songwriter and guitarist Lydia Adams Davis who performed a set of music including Woody Guthrie's "Union Maid" and "Pastures of Plenty". Lydia and Sharleen met over 30 years ago at a children's concert in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn where Sharleen had brought her pre-school age daughter.  Sharleen was so touched by Lydia's invitation and warm embrace of her music and exclaimed, "After all these years she is still encouraging me!"
"Your Woody song is so wonderful. It's easy to sing along with. It sounds like something Woody would have written. It's just perfect."
-Ingrid Heldt
Vice President of NJ Friends of Clearwater
& singer-songwriter for peace
Ray2 in memoriam

RAY KORONA – Presenté!

IN MEMORIAM June 14, 1946 – October 16, 2014

On this one year anniversary I am thinking of Ruthie, Ray's partner, his dear friend Gina and so many friends and colleagues who have precious memories of our dear departed friend.

Ray Korona, topical singer-songwriter, political activist and organizer for peace and justice, passed into eternity on October 16, 2014. Ray co-produced and engineered both of my CDs "So Frail" and "Rumors of Peace." He was an incredibly gifted and giving recording engineer and producer.

I feel blessed beyond measure to have had him in my life. He will always live in my heart. -Sharleen

Listen to the songs of Ray Korona: http://raykorona.com

On the occasion of Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday on May 3, 2009  I led my guitar students in a performance of "If I Had A Hammer" ... one of Pete's songs that was BANNED, as was Pete, in the 1950s and early 1960s. The great "Hammer Song", written in 1949, turned 60 years old that same year.
Guitar kids tribute to pete 2009

(left to right, rear): Don Smith, on banjo; Don's son on squeezebox. Mark Bodino  on guitar; Sharleen Leahey on guitar with Creative Arts acoustic guitar students honoring Pete Seeger on his 90th birthday, May 2009;