IT'S ALL CONNECTED: In The Aftermath of Florida School Shooting

This morning's NY TImes front page showed photos of the young people shot in the latest mass school shooting in a Florida high school. A startling sight that brought back sad memories. I was around their age when Life Magazine printed the photos of 200 young Americans, mostly kids, drafted fresh out of high school, who were killed in just ONE WEEK of fighting the Vietnam War. In his famous speech against the war on April 4, 1967 Martin Luther King called our country "the greatest purveyer of violence in the world today." 

Has our government learned anything since they killed, maimed and traumatized a whole generation of high school kids they sent to Vietnam back in the 1960s? The wars are not on TV anymore. 
All these years later, based on the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), a law passed in 2001 after the attacks on 9-11, we continue to wage wars on other nations. We've been bombing Afghanistan for over 16 years. Our troops are in many countries including Syria. 

Innocent children born in foreign lands are dying because of our violence overseas. Because of a domestic arms trade that manufactures, markets and glorifies weapons (and politicians who sell out) American children are dying too ... in another kind of war. 

Unfortunately the dots between our nation's militarism and the violence here at home that just keeps getting worse and worse are rarely connected on TV, radio and in the mainstream press. I think deep down many of us know ... it's all connected.

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