(Left to right): Pat Lamanna and Sharleen Leahey



Pat’s songs have been praised highly by Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow, David Roth, and others. They have a strong folk influence, and cover issues such as peace, religion and the environment, and many personal topics as well. She has two solo albums, "Full Circle" (2009) and "Do I Know My Song Well Enough to Start Singing Yet?" (2012). Pat was Sonny Ochs' pick to perform in the Folk DJ Showcase at the 2012 conference of the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance. One of her songs, "Peace Pilgrim," is featured in part on Pete Seeger's last album, "Pete Seeger: The Storm King." Pat is the winner of the 2019 South Florida Songwriting Contest.

Sharleen Leahey is a songwriter, singer and guitarist known for stirring lyrics delivered with passion and direction. In 1993, with guidance from Pete Seeger, Sharleen founded  Songs for Peace  magazine, publishing more than one hundred songs on peace, human rights and ecology. Currently Sharleen performs for peace and Earth justice organizations and leads guitar instruction and song sharing circles for middle and high school students. Sharleen's three  collections of original topical songs are "So Frail" (2004),  "Rumors of Peace (2011) and "For the 99" (2018) which features The Woman's Suffrage Song.