Corporate News

Sharleen Leahey

Singer/Songwriter Sharleen Leahey performs her song "Corporate News" with Gina Tlamsa (on fiddle) and Linda Phillips (percussion). The song was inspired by dear friend and sister activist Audrey O'Connell and is dedicated to Amy Goodman and her team of independent journalists at Democracy Now! on the occasion of the program's 18th birthday!

Recorded on "Rumors of Peace," Sharleen's second collection of original songs released on sfp records.

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Into air my words are lifting . .
 bursting like a sun!

          -New World

rumors of peace
•What Would Woody Write?
•Corporate News
•Who Killed Joey?
•The Way
•New World

rumors of peace
now available!
Sharleen Leahey – vocals and guitar
Gina Tlamsa (of SUCH AS US) – flute, fiddle and keyboards
Tom DiPaolo – dobro • Franklin Byers – bass,
Maire Tashjian (of VIRAGO) – percussion
Ingrid Heldt – background vocals,
Mike Durek (of PAS) – keyboards and theremin

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