(left to right): Joe Galacki (blessed be his memory) with his wife Diane Doolittle and Sharleen Leahey in front of Fishkill Falls in Beacon NY on May 15, 2017 Diane and I had just performed at the 3rd annual Women's Work Concert in Pete Seeger's hometown to raise funds for the Woody Guthrie Sloop

(l-r): Linda Phillips (percussion), Sharleen (vocals & guitar) and Diane Doolittle (flute / saxophone) performed on April 29, 2018 for 180 peace activists at New Jersey Peace Action's 61st Annual Dinner. One of the attendees was a 103-year-old woman who was one of the original founders of the organization in 1957. She stood up with the help of her cane and announced, "I have something to say." Everyone seated in the large room sat in respectful silence as the elder declared: "Say No To War!" I turned to my bandmates with a smile . . . we had just performed a song from my first CD "So Frail," with that very title. I will always remember that woman and her tenaciousness. –Sharleen

(l to r): Linda, Sharleen & Diane Summer 2016 Matawan Music Festival • Matawan, NJ

Performing our new version of "The Woman's Suffrage Song" for the 40+1 Anniversary of NJ NOW (National Organization For Women) 2016 State Conference was one of the highlights of this year for our band!

Sharleen & The Cactus Flowers perform a unique blend of contemporary, classic and topical folk rock. The three women have performed for peace and justice organizations throughout our region including NJ PeaceAction, The National Organization for Women and NJ Friends of Clearwater. They are dedicated to using their gifts to create peace, support the struggles of working people everywhere, and raise consciousness for planetary healing.

Sharleen Leahey (vocals and guitar) is a singer-songwriter known for her strong distinctive voice. She has been performing and leading healing song circles for festivals, conferences, and a variety of community-based groups throughout New York and New Jersey for over 30 years. Sharleen has released three CDs of original topical songs: "So Frail" (2004), "Rumors of Peace" (2011) and "For the 99" (2018). 

Diane Doolittle has been playing the flute and saxophone at the Jersey Shore for many years. In addition to original compositions, her diverse repertoire includes folk, pop, rock, swing/jazz, classical and Irish music. Her collection of classical and original flute music on CD is called “Flute Dance / Catch The Wind.”
Linda Phillips has been playing percussion hand instruments, including djembe, shaker, bell and claves, for over 20 years. She currently performs at festivals, celebrations and drum circles throughout New Jersey.


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