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IT'S ALL CONNECTED: In The Aftermath of Florida School Shooting 

This morning's NY TImes front page showed photos of the young people shot in the latest mass school shooting in a Florida high school. A startling sight that brought back sad memories. I was around their age when Life Magazine printed the photos of 200 young Americans, mostly kids, drafted fresh out of high school, who were killed in just ONE WEEK of fighting the Vietnam War. In his famous speech against the war on April 4, 1967 Martin Luther King called our country "the greatest purveyer of violence in the…

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CD Baby or Amazon? 


I just called the one CD/Record store left in my section of the state and asked if they carried the new release of an award-winning celebrated folk artist named Antje Duvekot I just discovered... They said no and that the only way to get the CD was to order it from AMAZON or CD Baby. 

I'm thankful for CDBaby ... just ordered the CD from them. They support independent artists who are often hanging by a thread. 

Where have all the CD and Book stores gone? ... Gone to Amazon? 

Please support small,…

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Calling All Artists 

Calling All Artists 

Surely we can find a better way to live in this world . . . 
Endless war and ravenous greed are symptoms of a disease. 
Through comedy, music, journalism, poetry, film, conversation, 
we can transcend boundaries . . . 
we can fly over and through the lies and insanity . . . 
we can help ourselves and others see beyond these cages . . . 
we can show the way to recreate another reality . . . 
the way to peace. 


"Oh the winds are laughing... they laugh with all their might!" 

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